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investing in the future of street children

Every child deserves a family. Every child deserves a home.

Countless children as young as five have been abandoned to the streets. Whether due to family breakdown, poverty, lack of education or other factors, they spend their lives growing up alone on the streets.

They become involved in begging, petty crime, are lured into gangs, and sadly physical and sexual abuse. And in desperate attempts to forget their daily traumas many become chronic inhalant abusers of lethal toxins.

These children effectively stop being children. They become the fathers of themselves, growing up alone with no family care or adult guidance. Their life becomes one of mere survival. Every day they see other children with loving families and homes, they yearn for the same or simply a smile from a proud father or the soft touch of a mother’s affection.

Like other children they still dream, but sadly they know their dreams are unlikely ever to become reality.

Find out more about these children here.

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