Our Staff

Get to know team Walou

Courtney Hagen

Courtney is based in London and works in corporate sustainability and communications. She has a masters in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies and began her career working in publishing in the Arabian Gulf region. She has been a Walou trustee since 2019.

Lamis Serroukh

Lamis has been a trustee of Walou since 2017. Having worked in the charity and education sectors for several years, she is passionate about building a better world for all children.

Photo MJACQUIN 2019

Mathilde Jacquin El Bajji

Mathilde works in international development, in the field of global education. She has a Masters degree in Development Studies and a degree in Management Science. She has been a trustee for Walou since 2021

Maiya Ahmed

Maiya is one of the founding members of Walou, and has been a trustee since 2009. She works as a pharmacist, having specialised in Paediatric and Neonatal medicine. She has a Masters in international Child and Maternal Health as well as a Masters degree in Pharmacy. She took over the Director role at Walou in January 2017

Reda Khelladi

Reda joined the Walou team in January 2017, and has over 20 years experience in strategy development, social investment, organisational development and organisational change.