“I like travelling wherever I want, my dream is to travel to spain”



At only 9 years old Yasin travelled to Spain, hidden between the wheels of a truck…

Thousands upon thousands of children actually risk their lives embarking on dangerous journeys in an attempt to escape.

Managing to drift their way to Morocco’s borders they scramble hidden onto cargo ships or crowded on to unsafe pateras. 80% of runaways who attempt to board these hazardous and overcrowded boats daily are unaccompanied young children.

In Tangiers children try and hide on the back of trucks or hang dangerously on the bottom of chassis.

Unofficial reports estimate up to a thousand bodies a year are washed up on Spanish shores, whilst refrigerated lorries have been opened to find the bodies of children frozen.

Numerous children manage to make it across the borders, reaching the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla where they then try and find a way to journey to mainland Spain.