Projects on the ground

Walou aims to always be involved with projects both with our partner organisations and the wider community both in the U.K and in Morocco. We would only be involved with projects that align with our aims and objectives. Previous projects that Walou has carried out with children in our partner organisation(s) include photography and art […]

Capacity Building

We work directly with partners on the ground in order to utilise the best skills, knowledge and experience in this field. Combined with our knowledge and research we help to build their capacity and ensure their needs are met.


Continuous research into the issue of street children is vital as we can assess their needs and design and implement successful programmes for them. This research can be shared and exchanged with other organisations across the globe -creating models of best practice.

Raising awareness

The issue of street children has reached unprecedented heights, such that as a global society, we have come to accept it as a sad reality, and as a result we have become desensitised to the issue. Our aim is to raise awareness about the issues they face in order to change how the world treats […]