“I sniff glue so I can forget the world, I don’t think about home, nothing.”

Many children who live or work on the streets in Morocco and around the world are prone to exposure to solvent abuse.

Jamal has been living on the streets since he was 8 years old. Initially he was working on the streets, making a small living out of shining shoes. The more time he has spent on the streets, the less time he spent at home and then eventually ended up living on the streets.

He is addicted to glue.

Solvents can kill the 1st, 2nd or 100th time they are taken.

All children who inhale are at risk of Sudden Death Syndrome.

The children that stagger the streets, day and night, their noses buried in bags of glue, make up approximately 98% of Moroccan street children.

Why do they inhale these toxins?

At Walou, we work with partner organisations which actively partakes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Working with the children to combat their addictions and begin their road to physical and emotional recovery.